We love ideas, especially yours!

Norrköping Science Park is a place for all creative people and companies to meet and grow.

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We love ideas, especially yours!

Norrköping Science Park is a place for all creative people and companies to meet and grow.

About the park
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Visual Sweden

Europe’s most attractive innovation environment for visualization and image analysis.

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Swedish Scaleups

Eliminate the boundaries on your growth and expansion through our knowledge, expertise and networks.

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Move to Sweden

Your guide to working or running a business in Sweden – workinginsweden.se

The information provided on this website is a collection of information from several public authorities and agencies for those who wish to go to Sweden for work or run a business.

About Norrköping Science Park.

Norrköping Science Park creates opportunites for those who want to start, develop or establish a business in the municipality of Norrköping. Thanks to our wide network, we can make sure to connect companies and individuals. Our focus is primarily in visualization and simulation, printed electronics and effective logistics, helping both startups and more established companies.

We also work with associated companies in the municipality who are not located in our business park, but who are closely linked to us through various innovation environments and projects, for example Visual Sweden and Växtzon.

In addition, there is a great interest in starting new companies. We run start-up courses for anyone who wants to start a business. The start-up course is held in our co-working place, Coffice. Coffice is a shared workplace and meeting place. Here you can work, connect with other companies, book conference rooms for customer meetings, or attend an event.

For our other meeting places, please visit Visualization Center C and Klövern.

Norrköping Science Park cooperates closely with the research and Linköping University to further advance the region’s outstanding position in the visualization field.

Linköping University and the research institute Acreo have conducted research in Printed Electronics since the 1980s. Today, PEA, Printed Electronics Arena, in Norrköping is one of the leading research organizations in the world of printed electronics. In addition to its own research and development projects, PEA offer a research and development arena for those companies that want to integrate printed electronics.

In recent years, Norrköping has established a very strong position in the field of visualization, where research has taken a position in an international context. Today, more than 270 researchers and PhD students work at the two institutions, the Department of Technology and Natural Sciences (ITN) and the Department of Media Technology (MIT), led by Professor Anders Ynnerman. The research team is working on the visualization technologies of the future in order to convey large amounts of information in new, innovative ways. At Visualization Center C, some of the future interactive visualization solutions developed by university researchers, such as the interactive autopsy table and Urban Explorer, are featured.

In Norrköping there are also university programs that directly and indirectly connect with the research within visualization. At LiU Campus Norrköping there are civil and college engineering courses in fields such as media technology, electronics, logistics, building engineering and graphic design. The design and content of the courses are developed in close collaboration with the research environments and the business community. University students are a strong source for new startups and fast-growing companies in the region.

Smart Specialization Strategy.

There are five strength areas of Östergötland:

  • Effective logistics
  • Business models and arenas for sustainable systems solutions
  • Smart, robust and secure connected products and systems
  • Stimulation and visualization
  • Advanced materials

These five areas provide good opportunities for increased competitiveness and international growth potential such as capacity to contribute to regional growth.

The strategy creates the preconditions for realisation of smart regional policy, which in turn contributes to smart growth in the EU’s member countries. Smart specialisation is a method and a way of working to prioritise projects that strengthen SMEs and thus the region’s competitiveness. Real competitiveness leads to an increased power of attraction, which is an effective short cut to growth.

Östergötland has its own strategy for smart specialisation that is based on an in-depth analysis of regional assets in the fields of technology and knowledge, such as strong partnership between SMEs, academia and public organisation.

Norrköping Science Park works primarily in Effective Logistics, Simulation and Visualization and Advanced materials.

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Pontus Lindblom


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