About NOSP

Norrköping Science Park (NOSP) is an innovation environment located next to Campus Norrköping, Linköping University. With us, opportunities are created for individuals and companies to start, develop and grow, which contributes to business success as well as regional attractiveness and growth.

We conduct activities in several areas linked to research, start-ups and business development. Our focus areas are mainly within the knowledge-intensive industries with connections to visualization, printed and organic electronics and efficient logistics. We work to create sustainable and attractive jobs in Norrköping and in the future industry areas.

What can Norrköping Science Park help me with?

Norrköping Science Park’s offer in brief is:

  • Network, contacts and matching
  • Support for innovation development
  • Inspiration and knowledge
  • Creative environments
  • Link to funding

Norrköping Science Park has for many years had a close collaboration with the property owner Corem. In these properties, in the middle of Norrköping’s industrial landscape, these companies can be found: