Magnus Berggren is awarded a medal of honor from Norrköping municipality

Published On: 2023-02-080.4 min read

We congratulate Magnus Berggren, Professor of Organic Electronics at Linköpings universitet and Campus Norrköping, who has now been awarded the Norrköping municipality's honorary medal Honoris Causa - St. Olofs Medal. For the past 20 years, Magnus Berggren has strongly contributed to putting Campus Norrköping on the international research map.

From our side, we obviously want to highlight the fact that Magnus planted the seed many years ago that has today become the project HOPE, Home of Organic and Printed Electronics, and which we at Norrköping Science Park run with the support of Linköping University and the companies in the field. Once again, many congratulations on this well-deserved honorary appointment.

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Photo: Magnus Johansson

Fredrik Larsson

Norrköping Science Park